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In the dynamic world of digital marketing and online business, achieving a successful Conversion Rate is the key to turning potential customers into loyal clients. For those using Filmily, a groundbreaking Fan Engagement and Data Generation platform for marketing teams, understanding and maximising Conversion Rates can be a game-changer. In this article, we will explore what constitutes a good web conversion rate and how at Filmily we are achieving multiples of 10-25 times this with our customers, enabling rights holders and brands to connect more with their audiences and ultimately drive greater loyalty and revenue opportunities.

What is a good web Conversion Rate?

A good web Conversion Rate is a critical metric that reflects the effectiveness of your digital marketing campaigns in persuading visitors to take a desired action on the web. Ultimately Conversion Rates will be driving prospective customers, audiences and fans to engage more fully with your brand thereby enabling greater loyalty and revenue opportunities for your business.

Conversion Rates vary across industries and depend upon various factors, including the type of business and the specific goals of the website. According to Adobe "A good conversion rate based on the 75th percentile is 2.2%" and Mailchimp state, "a 'good' website conversion rate falls between 2% and 5% across all industries". Therefore, the definition of "good" can vary significantly, and it's crucial to benchmark your performance against industry standards and your own historical data.

Upping the Conversion Rate

Utilsing innovative techniques and tools to increase Conversion Rates is an obsession for all digital marketeers, with demands on marketing departments being ever more onerous from CEOs, CFOs and across businesses as a whole. This is especially the case in highly competitive market places and the increasing expectations of consumers and audiences for their experiences and relevance of a given brand or rights holder with the money that these consumers are spending on products and services. The digital age has only increased the challenge for consumer facing brands to get closer to their audiences.

With the array of tools available to marketeers, alongside the management information that this provides back to the key stakeholders in any business, measurement of campaign impact is a given.

Filmily: boosting conversions with a simple easy to use WebApp

One of the fundamental principles we have employed at Filmily is being able to connect with prospective and existing audiences and fans with simple, easy to use activations, ensuring the barrier to conversion is as low as possible.

When we kick-off with clients, our onboarding process looks to minimise the amount of information that a new or existing fan needs to impart to engage in a given campaign. Rather than tedious form filling, we look to ensure that any target audience member has to do the minimum possible to join a campaign and thereby convert to an active, connected customer.

Keeping campaigns fun and light hearted, such as with competitions and exclusive content, ensures that fans can feel closer to their chosen sports team, music artist or brand and not only feel a greater connection to their passion but also convert to an active, engaged customer or fan.

With our powerful AI engine we are then able to ensure that the profile of these fans is accurate and valuable to our customers - enabling them to unlock more accurate, richer, segmented profiling of customers with the data we are able to generate, therefore driving new revenue opportunities not only directly, but also with partners and sponsors alike.

Filmily boosting conversions to 25-50%+

With the array of campaigns we have participated in we are extremely proud of the results we have been able to deliver for customers. Across sports, music and global brands we expect to generate a minimum 25% conversion rate and with Premier League football and other sports teams we have seen Conversion Rate results of over 50% with global audiences.

This is a phenomenal achievement, but it is not all about the Filmily Platform of course. Well planned out and targeted campaigns with passionate audiences ensuring that any given campaign hits the rights audience at the right time is key. We look to ensure that we are always working closely with our customers to ensure the maximum chances for success.

Get in touch with us to hear how we can do more for you to boost your Conversion Rates in your campaigns.

Mark Ashdown

Mark is Filmily's CEO. Supports Arsenal and plays the guitar.

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