New Feature Alert: Fan of the Match 2.0


Fan of the Match 2.0

In the fast-paced world of digital marketing and social media, staying ahead of the curve is essential. Today, we're thrilled to announce that here at Filmily we have updated our FOTM feature by adding image support, mixed tiles sizes and new zoom options. These additions will take your visual content creation to the next level.


Introducing Fan Walls

Building on the tremendous success of our Fan of the Match (FOTM) style Video Walls, we're now offering an equally impressive feature with images. Whether you want to create stunning Fan Walls  or convert videos into captivating image galleries, Filmily has got you covered. 

Mixed tile sizes

On top of this, with both video based and image based mosaics you can have mixed size tiles, this gives FOTM walls greater depth, make them look less formal and also showcases more fans.

Zoom into ANY fan

Previously, in Fan of the Match 1.0 you had to zoom into the fan in the centre of the wall.  This was great and showcased the Fan of the Match.  However, if you saw yourself in the centre, you knew you had won.  Now we can select a tile anywhere on the grid, it doesn't have to be a big one, ANY fan can be the Fan of the Match.

Supersize Fan Walls

Previously, with our video walls, we had a limit in size.  When we got to generating an 15 x 9 wall we were getting to the limit.  Now the walls can be MASSIVE.  If you wish to celebrate hundreds (or <gulp> thousands) of fans at once, no problem.

Perfect for social channels

Is your business all Instagrammer, Facebook enthusiast, or LinkedIn aficionado? Our improved Fan Walls feature is tailor-made for social media networks that really showcase images over video. Imagine the impact of sharing a captivating fan wall on your profile or brand page? With Filmily, you can effortlessly craft visuals that grab attention, tell a story, and leave a lasting impression.

Enhance your website's visual appeal

Your website is your digital storefront, and first impressions matter. Filmily's Fan Walls aren't just for social media – they're also perfect for enhancing your website's visual appeal. Whether you're a blogger, business owner, or a creative professional, you can effortlessly integrate these Fan Walls into your website to create a visually engaging experience for your visitors.

Variety galore: generate hundreds of unique walls

Diversity is the key to capturing and retaining your audience's attention. With Filmily, you can generate hundreds of Walls in various shapes and sizes. Utilising grids with a variety of tile sizes, you have the creative freedom to experiment and find the perfect style that resonates with your brand and message.

Precision at your fingertips: filter by age, location, brand, and more

We understand that not all content needs to be generic. That's why Filmily's Fan Walls come with advanced filtering options. Whether you want to target specific age groups, locations, or even brand-related content, our platform empowers you to tailor your visual content precisely to your audience's preferences.

Engage your fans, connect globally, and create peer-to-peer content

Are you looking to boost fan engagement? Do you want to connect with a global audience and foster peer-to-peer content creation? Our new features are designed to help you build stronger connections with your audience, no matter where they are in the world. When you empower your fans to create and share their own content, you're not just building a brand; you're creating a community.

Filmily's FOTM 2.0 feature is perfect for anyone looking to elevate their visual content strategy. Whether you're a sports club, event owner, major brand or music festival we help you connect with a global audience building the broader sense of engagement and community. Filmily's tools are here to support your journey. It's time to unleash your creativity, engage your fans, and make a lasting impact in the digital landscape.

Don't wait – get started with Filmily today and experience the magic of our new Fan of the Match 2.0 feature for yourself. Elevate your visual storytelling like never before!

Andy Doyle

Andy is the founder of Filmily, author of a book, Leeds Utd supporter and and loves tech.

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