Filmily at the Tech South West Awards 2023

Filmily is proud to announce its participation in the Tech South West Awards 2023, where we are honoured to be sponsoring the Createch category and presenting the award to the most innovative and creative tech company in the South West. This event brings together the brightest minds and most promising tech ventures in the region, and we couldn't be more excited to be a part of it. 

The Tech South West Awards 2023

The Tech South West Awards 2023 are a celebration of tech excellence, innovation, and creativity in the South West of England. These awards highlight the exceptional contributions of tech companies and the people making it happen - it's a platform that showcases the best of the West, and Filmily is delighted to be there.

Sponsoring the Createch Award

Filmily's commitment to creativity and innovation in the tech sector aligns perfectly with the Createch category. This award recognises companies that excel in pushing the boundaries of technology while fostering a creative and collaborative culture.

## The Nominees

This year, the competition in the Createch category is exceptionally strong, with a fantastic lineup of nominees. Filmily would like to congratulate to the following companies for all their hard work in getting to be finalists and their contributions to the tech and creative industries:

1. Condense - Visit their website

   Condense is a tech company that has redefined data compression, making it more efficient and environmentally friendly. Their innovative approach has a significant impact on the reduction of data storage and transmission costs.

2. Cornwall Museums Partnership - Visit their website

   Cornwall Museums Partnership leverages technology to enhance the visitor experience and accessibility of museums. Their work combines culture and tech to create engaging and educational experiences for all.

3. Inizio Engage XD - Visit their website

   Inizio Engage XD is a leading tech firm in the field of user experience design. They focus on creating engaging and immersive digital experiences that captivate users and drive business success.

4. Moonraker - Visit their website

   Moonraker specialises in visual effects and animation, enriching the entertainment industry with their innovative solutions. Their work can be seen in films, television shows, and advertisements.

5. Real Ideas Organisation - Visit their website

   Real Ideas Organisation is committed to fostering creativity and innovation in communities. They use tech to empower individuals and organizations to achieve their goals while making a positive impact on society.

Filmily's Role

Filmily, as a sponsor at the Tech South West Awards, is excited to engage with fellow tech enthusiasts, innovators, and creatives. We look forward to connecting with the other nominees and attendees who share our passion for using technology to bring creative ideas to life.

Andy will also have the distinct pleasure of presenting the Createch award to the deserving winner, acknowledging their efforts and contributions to the South West tech and creative ecosystem. We can't wait to see who emerges as the victor in this highly competitive category.

And Finally...

For more information about the Tech South West Awards 2023, visit their official website. You can also learn more about Filmily and our commitment to innovation and creativity by exploring our website or checking us out on LinkedIn and X (formally known as Twitter). We look forward to a memorable and inspiring event that highlights the best of South West tech and the limitless possibilities of technology and creativity.

Andy Doyle

Andy is the founder of Filmily, author of a book, Leeds Utd supporter and and loves tech.

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