Filmily and NTT showcase Web 3 Innovation at MLB All Star '23

MLB All Stars 2023


The world of sports and entertainment is constantly evolving, driven by technological advancements and a desire to enhance fan engagement. Filmily Limited, in collaboration with NTT, recently undertook an exciting venture that combined the thrill of a Major League Baseball (MLB) All Star match with cutting-edge Web 3 technology from Nihilent. Held at T Mobile Park in Seattle, this project pushed the boundaries of what's possible in creating immersive experiences for sports enthusiasts.

Facial AI and the Metaverse

Filmily Limited brought their expertise in facial AI to the table, allowing them to craft a unique metaverse experience for MLB fans. The concept was simple but revolutionary: give participants the power to create their own MLB 'Panini' style cards for the team they support. Using Filmly fan enagement technology, fans could transform themselves into virtual baseball cards featuring their favorite MLB teams. This not only personalized the experience but also tapped into the nostalgia of collecting baseball cards, now brought into the digital age.  Using the power of Filmily's AI, the facial recognition data was passed through to the metaverse, instantly customising the experience based on the demographics of the fan.  This really highlighted how fan experience is not just for the physical stadium, it allows metaverse experiences to be niche, based on 1st party data collected from fans.  For example, a male, 50 year old fan from Brazil, most likely will want a different experience in the metaverse compared to to 19 year old millennial from Portland.  This isn't just which sponsors are shown, it maybe promotions about teams or other sports are tweaked, shop fronts automatically customised with apparel to appear to the target demographic, even highlighting popular areas others in the same age, gender or location go to.

The Home Run Derby Event

Collaborating with partners at weheartdigital Ltd., Filmily took the MLB All Star event to the next level with an innovative Home Run Derby event. This wasn't just any Home Run Derby; it was powered by real-time data from MLB, providing an authentic and dynamic experience.

Here's how it worked:

1. **Real-Time Data Feed**: The game was connected to a live data feed from MLB, including information about the pitcher's throw and the batter's swing.

2. **Predictive Technology**: Using sophisticated predictive algorithms, the system calculated the trajectory of the ball once it was hit. This added an element of anticipation and excitement as fans watched to see where the ball would land.

3. **Virtual Squares**: Each player was assigned a virtual square in the stadium. These squares were strategically placed to cover the entire outfield.

4. **Prizes**: If a home run ball landed in a square that belonged to a player, they won a prize. This gamification of the event created an intense atmosphere as fans rooted for their squares to become the lucky spot where a home run would land.

Benefits and Impact

The collaboration between Filmily Limited, NTT, Nihilent and weheartdigital Ltd. had several significant benefits and impacts:

1. **Enhanced Fan Engagement**: The combination of facial AI and the Home Run Derby event provided fans with an interactive and memorable experience, fostering a deeper connection with MLB and their favorite teams.

2. **Data-Driven Entertainment**: By utilizing real-time MLB data, the project demonstrated the potential for data-driven entertainment experiences, paving the way for future innovations in sports and beyond.

3. **Metaverse Integration**: The project showcased the potential of integrating Web 3 technologies like the metaverse into traditional sporting events, opening up new avenues for fan engagement and monetization.

4. **Community Building**: The virtual squares and shared excitement around winning prizes fostered a sense of community among fans, whether they were physically present at the stadium or participating remotely.


Filmily Limited's collaboration with NTT at the MLB All Star event in Seattle was a resounding success, demonstrating the power of Web 3 technology in revolutionizing fan engagement. By combining facial AI, real-time data, and gamification, they created an unforgettable experience that blurred the lines between the physical and virtual worlds. This project sets a promising precedent for the future of sports and entertainment, where technology and innovation continue to shape the way we experience our favorite pastimes.

Andy Doyle

Andy is the founder of Filmily, author of a book, Leeds Utd supporter and and loves tech.

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